Thursday, October 11, 2018


Tough time with some physical problems 2014-17, but I'm feeling better now. Thank you, God! Hernia surgery in 2014 along with high blood pressure issues that were way out of line. Much better now. Oh yes, tore up my left ankle in Romania in April, 2016. Took 22 months to get better. Truth is, I think God did something in my ankle to heal it. It is 97% better.

Weight loss in 2018 has helped in every way. 54 pounds at the present time. Boy, I feel better. Dropped two pant sizes, two shirt sizes. I'm not near the man that I used to be. Are you laughing? I am.

So, off to Costa Rica looking for new horizons. Our Board of Directors gave the go ahead for a four year plan and year-to-year after this. I think we will re-evaluate the situation in seven or eight years. I'm pumped because Stephanie is excited about serving in Costa Rica as well. She is as excited as I am. I'm thankful for her.

What kind of "new horizons"? Developing our youth camp there hoping to add one or two weeks in 2020. Our next youth camp is set for February 5-9, 2019. Looks like there will be 80 to 85 youth who do not have a personal relationship with God. And, another 15 or so who are born again already. Should be a great harvest putting smiles on young faces. Can't wait!

Other horizons—building relationships with Costa Rican pastors. Most pastors lead a very lonely life. No one to really talk to. Lots of stress and pressure. I've had a ministry with pastors over the years listening to them and affirming them. And, this helps us connect with churches because we need somewhere to send the young people after they come to Christ in one of our youth camps.

Mentoring young leaders. Love to do this! So, I will spend a lot of time connecting with young men and Stephanie will help with the young ladies.

How about those horizons? Looks good to me!

OK, gotta go ... the plane is about to take off from Miami to San Jose, Costa Rica. Time to go!


Tuesday, October 02, 2018


God loves for us to be thankful and to tell Him about it. Don't you like this too? I do. We all do.

When I express thankfulness something special happens in my heart. It starts a positive change, lifts my heart and puts a smile on my face. It helps the other person who hears me giving them some encouragement. That's what I mean that it is a win-win situation. Good for me ... good for the other person. I love it!

The Bible tells us to give thanks for everything. Everything? Yep. Everything.

Try it for yourself. When something "bad" happens, thank God for it. Oh, it's easy to thank God for something "good". Give it a try when something difficult or painful happens. What I've found is that when I do this, I begin to handle the situation much better. Cope with it better.

Takes trust in God to do this. Takes faith too. Trust Him with the good or the bad. It make time some time, but what seems bad right now actually might turn out for our good later on. Actually, Romans 8:28 says all of it is good. Check it out. The word "bad" is not in that verse. Only "good".

I'm serious, give this a try. It will help you and it will help others.