Monday, April 24, 2017

The Gift of Encouragement:

The book of Proverbs in the bible, chapter 15, verse 23, tells us that a good word spoken at just the right time to someone is very encouraging. I'm sure you can recall when someone said something nice to you, how happy you were and how it brought a smile to your face. I can and I'm thankful.

Yesterday, on the way out of church, I called out to one of the TV camera operators. "Thank you for your ministry. Good job!" Boy, you should have seen the bright smile on her face. She has a job, oops, ministry, in the church that is taken for granted. Do you feel this way sometimes? That you are taken for granted?

At the crosswalk I paused to thank the male church member who was donating his time to to help pedestrians as well as drivers who wanted to get out of the parking lot as quickly as possible. His work is vital for our safety. "Thank you for your ministry," as I smiled to him. He was stunned at first. Was his mind questioning the term "ministry"? Or, was it because he was blown away that someone actually thanked him for doing his work. Hey, I'm thankful for this man along with a number of others who do this for both morning services at our church here in Jacksonville, Florida.

And, there are a host of others who play important roles behind the scenes to help make the ministry of our church possible. Grateful for all of them!

Hey, I'm thankful for you taking time to read this. You are the best! Now, spread the cheer to someone else.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

O MIGHTY WARRIOR! It's the title of my book that was sent to the publisher today. YAY! Boy, I've got a lot of hours in this book. Whew! What a joy to finish it today after Stephanie, my wife, and I finished editing the book. What a thrill!

It might be ready next summer or early fall. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Not only this, but my sweet wife, Stephanie, has two books at the publisher. She finished the revision part of the editing process today and sent it in. Next will be a final proof for her to look at. This may be ready for her to approve by February. The title is Strong and Courageous. It provides hope and advice for families struggling with children who have autism. Chocked full of godly wisdom, practical advice and experiences that she has experienced with her grandson and with people she counseled in the past. She has 30 years experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist having earned her master's degree in that field. She has helped many families who struggle with this. Quite frankly, after I read it aloud during part of the editing process, I realized that her book will help anyone struggling with disease. I'm quite excited about her book.

The other one she sent to her editor a couple of months ago is a devotional book. Stephanie is a skilled writer. It's going to be a well read volume in the future.

So, that's what we have been up to recently. It's great that we are both doing this encouraging each other.

Since we both had something to celebrate today we enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner tonight at—where else, but in Celebration, Florida!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


—LIFE Romania: Our Excitement!
—How Is My Ankle?
—End Of The Year Giving
—What’s On The Horizon?
—Ministry Team in Montenegro


In the last Update I was about to burst with excitement. I waited for LIFE Romania Director, Iulian Avramescu, to announce his plans for next summer. The news is out! Two camps in two locations at the same time! Double the outreach, double the results. At least, pray that this will be the news to tell after next summer’s youth camps at CAMP MIA in Romania.

God willing, Stephanie and I will be at one of those loccations at Targoviste for the four weeks of youth camps and the counselor training prior to the camp season. Can’t wait! Iulian is dividing his impressive staff into two groups to lead one youth camp in Sistarovats in western Romania and one in southern Romania. His vision is to expand his ministry to the extent of having three camps running at the same time. Then, four youth camps. Next, five and so forth. Ambitious plan and I love it!

May God bless Iulian and Roxana Avramescu and their incredible team! 


Thank you for asking. Still doing the exercises that the physical therapist gave to me. This strengthens the ankle, yet I still have soreness and pain. I have lost 31 pounds which helps, but I have been on a plateau for a few weeks. However, I can tell that I have started to lose some weight in the last few days. This is part of the treatment in order to reduce stress on my ankle. I made a ministry trip to Philadelphia last week and had no problems walking through the airports. So, I’m on the move again. Thankful for your prayers.


We are grateful for all who make sacrificial gifts so that we can make an impact on young people. If you would be so kind to make a special donation for 2016 before the end of the year, it would be a big help for us. Make a difference, one teen at a time. 

Address: Life Impact For Eternity, 3984 Manatee Avenue East, Bradenton, Florida 34208 or online through Pay Pal at our website:

Thank you very much!


Youth camp in Costa Rica in January where I will be speaking and doing the evangelism. Pray for this. Going through a personal edit of the book I have been writing during the “down” time rehabbing my ankle. When I finish this I hope to submit the book for a professional edit around December 16. Behind the scenes administrivia, as I call it. Preparing ministry budgets for 2017 is one example. Calendar planning for 2017 is another priority. A trip to Romania for counselor training and church ministry in April has me very excited. Love, love, love what we are doing!


Pictured in this Update is our ministry team at LIFE Montenegro. Jelena Vilotjevic, Sasa Olah and Danijel Petkovski. Oops! As much as we would like to call him “ours”, I have to tell you that Danijel is serving with Inter Varisty Fellowship in a ministry to students. We partner together with him at Camp Monty as well as with the ministry to both high school and college students at the Niksic Youth Center [NYC]. He is awesome. Well, all of them are. Pray for their followup ministry, weekly Bible studies and outreach. Go team, go!

Stephanie and I thank God for you. You are part of the team to help us reach young people for Christ. Couldn’t do it without your help! Thank you so much.

Eric Murphy
International Director

Address for donations:

Life Impact For Eternity
3984 Manatee Avenue East

Bradenton, Florida 34208

Monday, October 31, 2016

Prayer--a very important part of my life. It always has been important over the years. But, for the last three or four years, prayer plays more of a major role in my life.

Way back, E. M. Bounds influenced my thinking about prayer. Still does. In recent years, a young pastor from Washington DC, Marc Batterson, has greatly influenced me. Thanks Marc! Read his classic, Draw the Circle. This book is a game changer.

God impressed upon me the importance of getting up early in the morning to meet with Him in prayer. It's life changing! Not the first day although that was a special experience. Not the first year. Truth is, it's a growing experience that is ever changing.

Some huge prayers have been answered and I give God the glory! Some on the list are not marked "Prayer Answered!" Keep praying. Keep claiming promises from the Bible. Just keep on keeping on as the old timer once told me.

Sometimes it is like digging a long ditch. The soil is full of rocks and there are patches where you get into bedrock--hard work. Keep digging. I often pray aloud when I get into those patches where the digging is hard. Helps me to stay the course, to keep my mind and heart focused. Keep digging.

Then again, there is a day every now and then that I start off with an outburst of praise. "God, you did it! You answered my prayer! Thank you! I praise you! I magnify you." God absolutely loves praise. He loves a thankful heart. I'll write more about praise and thankfulness in future posts.

Meanwhile, it's time to pray ...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


—Young Adults Youth Camp in Romania
—The Goal Has Been Met For The Matching Gift Challenge
—Gearing Up For Costa Rica
—Want To Connect With Us In One Of Our Youth Camps?


This week there is a special youth camp in Romania for young adults. In Europe most of the colleges do not start classes until late September or early October, so, September can be a good time for their youth camp. Pray for a great harvest as LIFE Romania Director, Iulian Avramescu, leads this youth camp. 


Pray for Jelena Vilotijevic and Sasa Olah along with our ministry partner, Danijel Petkovski, as they reach out to Camp Monty teens at the Niksic Youth Center. It’s time for follow-up, an important part of the program of Camp Monty during the school year at LIFE Montenegro.  


Rejoice with Iulian at LIFE Romania that the Matching Gift Challenge has been completed. God put in the heart of a donor to challenge Iulian and his team with a $50,000 gift if they could raise an additional $50,000 in 30 days. On the 30th day, the need was met. In fact, they went over the goal, raising $51,475.00. Praise the Lord! This is a great help for this growing youth ministry as four young adults have finished their training at the Word of LIfe Hungary Bible Institute and are now serving full time as part of the team. These funds will help cover their small salaries until support can be found to cover their needs long range. They join a team of four other staff members. As a result we have a dynamo team to serve at the Sports Tournaments [weekend outreach], Winter Camp, small group meetings and follow-up ministry. How exciting!


In late January, 2017, Stephanie and I plan to be in Costa Rica for the LIFE Costa Rica youth camp. We need some special gifts to make this camp possible. Young Costa Ricans cannot afford the actual cost of the youth camp. Every $100 helps sponsor a teenager to attend camp. Pray about making a special donation to reach a young Costa Rican for Christ. 


In this Update I’ve written about our youth camps in Romania, Montenegro and Costa Rica. We need individuals and groups from churches to come to one of these camps to help us reach young people. Want to be involved? Why not? We are working on our camps for 2017. Why not make the trip of your lifetime by coming to one of these countries and make an impact on the lives of these young people. 

OK, the ball in in your court? 

You just received an invitation from me. 

Your move. Let’s connect! 

Contact me by email at or or by calling me at 321-663-5710 or on Facebook. I would love to hear from you. Soon. How about today?

Thank you for your friendship, your concern and your prayers. You are the best!

Eric Murphy
International Director

Life Impact For Eternity
3984 Manatee Avenue East

Bradenton FL 34208

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

High Mileage

On my recent trip to Montenegro I did not use a car while I was there. So, I was on foot everyday making visits to see campers who attended Camp Monty 2008. Although I am not positive about the exact amount, I walked between 24 and 26 miles in the six days that I was there. I loved it!

As a result I talked with many people who were walking. I walked with some elementary school kids and they seemed to enjoy practicing their English. Then, I visited a high school and started several conversations with, "Do you speak English?" That question would always spark a lively exchange. The teenagers there like to speak English. Those who do not know English yet implore their friends to translate what I am saying and what their friends said. It would draw a small crowd of interested teens.

High mileage, but good mileage!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

My dear wife, Lynne, passed on December 5, 2013. She is with God now ... in Heaven ... no more pain ... no more suffering.

20 years and 2 months she battled MS, Multiple Sclerosis, and suffered horrific pain the last 18 months of her life. I miss her so much, but, I am so happy for her and it gives me peace to know where she is.

As for me I am moving forward ... continuing the mission that Lynne and I started in 2004 to put smiles on the faces of disadvantaged young people. Europe and Central America is the focus right now and I am excited about the progress so far.

It seems to me that the best expression of my love for Lynne is to be happy for her. Before her passing she could not move her arms or hands nor her legs. Nor could she talk ... only whisper. I can imagine her walking and running as well as talking with her dear mother, grandparents, aunts and many friends who were there to greet her when she arrived. When I see this in my mind ... I am very happy for her.

Thank you, Lynne, for 42+ wonderful years of marriage. Thank you, God, for giving Lynne to me. I am grateful.