Monday, May 12, 2008

"We're Eric Murphy!"

Say what? This is what a young member of our Hungarian Brass said when we went to a church for a concert and evangelism. We arrived early for the meeting to get everything set up. The gate was locked, so, I pushed the buzzer to speak to the custodian so he could come to unlock the door. My young friend is always ready to help me in any kind of situation such as translation or whatever the need may be. When the custodian answered Laco quickly responded with "We're Eric Murphy!"

I was astonished! So was Balazs, the trombone player. The two of us roared with laughter and Laco just looked at us wondering what our problem was. He was just letting the custodian know that the music group has arrived. But, it sounded so funny to us . . . "We're Eric Murphy!"

Later, I told Laco that I would put this on my blog and he moaned, "Oh no!"

Hey, I kind of like it! "We're Eric Murphy!" OK, sorry! I will try to keep my pride in check.