Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camp Monty a Great Success

102 attended the banquet on the last night of Camp Monty 2008 with 85 of them being boys. Incredible! We connected with a youth soccer league in Montenegro that has a motto, "Soccer YES! Drugs NO!" Out of their program about 60 to 65 boys came to our Soccer Camp. Their directer, Dragan, wants to be involved in Camp Monty 2009.

Also, we had a great response at our Basketball Camp with 7 excellent players, ages 15 to 17. Two of them are 6' 9" and the others range from 6' 0" to 6' 5" . . . sharpshooters from the three point line . . . slashing guards . . . all of them can rebound and play defense. They are well trained. 5 of them made decisions during the week. What a response!

English language training and Crafts were well represented. In fact, there were 18 decisions total.

Would you believe that the crowd of 102 was the largest ever Christian meeting in Montenegro? This country has great needs. There are only three churches and four church planters are trying to get something started [not an easy task, mind you]. I am excited about the response. I plan to go there next month to visit those who made decisions and encourage them. Check back later for a report about the upcoming visit.