Sunday, September 21, 2008


There is a group of young adults from Bucharest, Romania that I have dubbed "The Romanian Invasion". I gave this affection name when nine of them came to our home for an overnight visit. Think about--9 of them slept in our home--anywhere--everywhere--mattresses, couch, floor, bed, chair! It was a riot! They like to eat, too! They like to talk. The like to pray. They ask me to speak to them like I used to do in the Presidental Chapel at the Bible School that I founded in Hungary back in 1994.

You see, this is where I met most of them. They sat under my ministry for two years as students. We connected! Oh, did we connect!! They have so much energy and life . . . what fun!

When I told them that Lynne and I were starting a youth camp in Montenegro they wanted to join us. They are fluent in English and we were doing the camp in English, so, I quickly agreed. They were a big help! It would have been nearly impossible to operate the camp without their help. Skits, Drama, Games, Kids Klub Outreach, practical help and joining in any way that they could to help make the camp possible, they helped to make the camp a success.

Something happened in that camp in 2007! Some of them fell in love with Montenegro and its people, Montengrins. They became burdened about moving there to be missionaries.

Romanians moving to Montenegro to be missionaries! Wow! Can you believe it?

Well, in 2008, most of them returned to help again at Camp Monty. Hook, line and sinker! That did it! Three couples made known their desire to me to join Life Impact For Eternity. Here they are:

Tamas [Csika] Florin and his wife, Ana
Alex and his wife, Anca
Adi and his wife, Nicoletta

Csika [pronounced Chee-kah] is the director. They will help me with Camp Monty in the summer and do follow-up on the campers. They will start Bible Clubs for the youth. They will conduct evangelistic meetings. They will do Sports Outreach. They will become involved in church planting.

Since then, George Stanciu, has joined the team. I wrote about him a few days earlier in another blog post.

Lynne and I are excited about them! The Romanian Invasion is ready to roll. Well, they need their mission support before they can really "roll", but, they can hardly wait to move to Montenegro. Yes!

If you would like to help them please let me know. Email me at or and I will share more details with you.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall Came Early in Hungary

Hungary moved directly from hot summer weather into cool fall weather. In fact, it feels like it is late in the fall season ... cool, cool weather with cold rain.

The weather seems to affect many people changing moods. Not for me! I enjoy the change in weather. The rain brings nourishment to the plants and to the soil.

It seems to me that God loves change in His creation. He gives us various weather conditions and He gives us the rising and setting of the sun. Yet, God does not change as He remains holy and His Word remains true and faithful.

Well, back to the weather report . . .


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Csapo Family

This evening Lynne and I went to Godollo, Hungary, to the home of Tamas and Agnes Csapo. Yesterday, I wrote about his younger brother, Krisztian, playing in our music group, The Hungarian Brass. So does Tamas! He is a great trumpet player and has played with us for more than 10 years. He was a young teenager when he started.

They have a little boy who will be one month old tomorrow, Benedek. He is precious! He particularly enjoyed being held by Lynne. He likes music! I sang to him and he enjoyed it. Of course, both Tamas and Agnes [Agi] are musicians. Tamas is the church organist and often leads the choir. Agi is a violinist. I am sure that they both play more instruments as well.

What a great time we had with little Benedek and his parents! I could visualize Benedek as a great musician. I finished our visit with prayer as I prayed for Benedek that he would put his faith in God at an early age and become all that God has planned for him. It will be exciting to watch it develop!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Krisztian Csapo's Wedding

Lynne and I attended the wedding of Krisztian and Timea Csapo. Krisztian started playing in our group, The Hungarian Brass, at age 15. It was easy to see that he had talent! Now, at age 24, he is a master with a trombone. He organized a 40 member orchestra for their wedding and wrote new music for them to play. It was so beautiful!

Great message from a pastor friend ... great music from some of Hungary's finest musicians ... great fellowship with friends at the meal ... what a special day!

Krisztian is the third oldest brother in his family which features six boys! Six of them! All of them ooze with musical talent.

It seems to me that this young man has incredible potential. He is focused and he has purpose. And, he is my young friend. What a priviliege for me!

Go get 'em, Krisztian! All the best to you!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Member on our Montenegro Team

Last Tuesday evening I picked up George Stanciu at the Keleti Train Station in Budapest. He spent the night in our home and we discussed him joining our Montenegro Team. It was a great conversation! I took him to the airport on Wednesday morning so he could fly to the States to begin to raise his support.

George is an IT guy [Information Technology] and will oversee the multi-media and the website. He has a passion to work with young people to make an impact upon their lives. He will be good for Montenegro!

Welcome George Stanciu!