Sunday, July 05, 2009

March - June Was a Blitz!

March through June was a blitz! 5 times in Romania to teach motivational seminars, mentor some fantastic young adults and help two organizations prepare for their summer camps. What fun! Montenegro was visited as well. I have to write about the dinner I had at Dragan's home--it was a banquet. More on this later.

Then, our music group, The Hungarian Brass, had several concerts. It is a blast for me to play with these wonderful young musicians. They are so good. I am grateful that they are kind enough to tolerate my "performance" as a trombonist. Hungarians are very respectful toward their elders. I benefit from this.

There was more during the last 4 months--preparing a website for Camp Monty ... doing some writing projects ... gave a number of speeches and messages in various locations ... administrative work ... visits from dear friends such as Bruce/Deb Heffner and Jim Compton ... mentoring [personally or via email or phone] ... Lynne's MS treatment ... had a week of vacation ... preparing for Camp Monty ... organizing a work team for a youth camp site in Slovakia ... surely, I forgot some items ... it was a blitz!

Love it!