Thursday, March 08, 2012

I Thought Things Were Tough in October ...

Poor Lynne ... she is much worse. And, I thought things were tough in October. Not complaining although it sounds like I am. I know that God is at work in all of this.

You know, when something is not going well ... we call it "bad". I wonder if God uses the same terminology. Perhaps God has put a different "frame" around Lynne and He is painting a new portrait to show something totally different.


His grace perhaps.

Grace? Seems to some that if God would show His grace He would remove MS from Lynne's body, right?

Not so fast, dear reader. Let me introduce a new concept. That is, God is giving her "grace" to bear this suffering.

You can't understand this unless you've experienced this. Well, you can empathize and you can attempt to understand. I've noticed that people who have experienced real suffering a knowing look to others who have suffered. They understand. There is a brokenness, a sweet spirit. God is at work.

What a beautiful portrait ... God revealed through suffering.

Could it be that what we all "bad" just might be for our "good"?

Romans 8:28 comes to my mind.

Interesting how suffering has a ripple effect ... touching the lives of others. Hope this helps you ... it is helping me.