Monday, October 31, 2016

Prayer--a very important part of my life. It always has been important over the years. But, for the last three or four years, prayer plays more of a major role in my life.

Way back, E. M. Bounds influenced my thinking about prayer. Still does. In recent years, a young pastor from Washington DC, Marc Batterson, has greatly influenced me. Thanks Marc! Read his classic, Draw the Circle. This book is a game changer.

God impressed upon me the importance of getting up early in the morning to meet with Him in prayer. It's life changing! Not the first day although that was a special experience. Not the first year. Truth is, it's a growing experience that is ever changing.

Some huge prayers have been answered and I give God the glory! Some on the list are not marked "Prayer Answered!" Keep praying. Keep claiming promises from the Bible. Just keep on keeping on as the old timer once told me.

Sometimes it is like digging a long ditch. The soil is full of rocks and there are patches where you get into bedrock--hard work. Keep digging. I often pray aloud when I get into those patches where the digging is hard. Helps me to stay the course, to keep my mind and heart focused. Keep digging.

Then again, there is a day every now and then that I start off with an outburst of praise. "God, you did it! You answered my prayer! Thank you! I praise you! I magnify you." God absolutely loves praise. He loves a thankful heart. I'll write more about praise and thankfulness in future posts.

Meanwhile, it's time to pray ...