Tuesday, December 13, 2016


—LIFE Romania: Our Excitement!
—How Is My Ankle?
—End Of The Year Giving
—What’s On The Horizon?
—Ministry Team in Montenegro


In the last Update I was about to burst with excitement. I waited for LIFE Romania Director, Iulian Avramescu, to announce his plans for next summer. The news is out! Two camps in two locations at the same time! Double the outreach, double the results. At least, pray that this will be the news to tell after next summer’s youth camps at CAMP MIA in Romania.

God willing, Stephanie and I will be at one of those loccations at Targoviste for the four weeks of youth camps and the counselor training prior to the camp season. Can’t wait! Iulian is dividing his impressive staff into two groups to lead one youth camp in Sistarovats in western Romania and one in southern Romania. His vision is to expand his ministry to the extent of having three camps running at the same time. Then, four youth camps. Next, five and so forth. Ambitious plan and I love it!

May God bless Iulian and Roxana Avramescu and their incredible team! 


Thank you for asking. Still doing the exercises that the physical therapist gave to me. This strengthens the ankle, yet I still have soreness and pain. I have lost 31 pounds which helps, but I have been on a plateau for a few weeks. However, I can tell that I have started to lose some weight in the last few days. This is part of the treatment in order to reduce stress on my ankle. I made a ministry trip to Philadelphia last week and had no problems walking through the airports. So, I’m on the move again. Thankful for your prayers.


We are grateful for all who make sacrificial gifts so that we can make an impact on young people. If you would be so kind to make a special donation for 2016 before the end of the year, it would be a big help for us. Make a difference, one teen at a time. 

Address: Life Impact For Eternity, 3984 Manatee Avenue East, Bradenton, Florida 34208 or online through Pay Pal at our website: www.lifeimpactforeternity.org

Thank you very much!


Youth camp in Costa Rica in January where I will be speaking and doing the evangelism. Pray for this. Going through a personal edit of the book I have been writing during the “down” time rehabbing my ankle. When I finish this I hope to submit the book for a professional edit around December 16. Behind the scenes administrivia, as I call it. Preparing ministry budgets for 2017 is one example. Calendar planning for 2017 is another priority. A trip to Romania for counselor training and church ministry in April has me very excited. Love, love, love what we are doing!


Pictured in this Update is our ministry team at LIFE Montenegro. Jelena Vilotjevic, Sasa Olah and Danijel Petkovski. Oops! As much as we would like to call him “ours”, I have to tell you that Danijel is serving with Inter Varisty Fellowship in a ministry to students. We partner together with him at Camp Monty as well as with the ministry to both high school and college students at the Niksic Youth Center [NYC]. He is awesome. Well, all of them are. Pray for their followup ministry, weekly Bible studies and outreach. Go team, go!

Stephanie and I thank God for you. You are part of the team to help us reach young people for Christ. Couldn’t do it without your help! Thank you so much.

Eric Murphy
International Director

Address for donations:

Life Impact For Eternity
3984 Manatee Avenue East

Bradenton, Florida 34208


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