Monday, April 24, 2017

The Gift of Encouragement:

The book of Proverbs in the bible, chapter 15, verse 23, tells us that a good word spoken at just the right time to someone is very encouraging. I'm sure you can recall when someone said something nice to you, how happy you were and how it brought a smile to your face. I can and I'm thankful.

Yesterday, on the way out of church, I called out to one of the TV camera operators. "Thank you for your ministry. Good job!" Boy, you should have seen the bright smile on her face. She has a job, oops, ministry, in the church that is taken for granted. Do you feel this way sometimes? That you are taken for granted?

At the crosswalk I paused to thank the male church member who was donating his time to to help pedestrians as well as drivers who wanted to get out of the parking lot as quickly as possible. His work is vital for our safety. "Thank you for your ministry," as I smiled to him. He was stunned at first. Was his mind questioning the term "ministry"? Or, was it because he was blown away that someone actually thanked him for doing his work. Hey, I'm thankful for this man along with a number of others who do this for both morning services at our church here in Jacksonville, Florida.

And, there are a host of others who play important roles behind the scenes to help make the ministry of our church possible. Grateful for all of them!

Hey, I'm thankful for you taking time to read this. You are the best! Now, spread the cheer to someone else.



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