Friday, December 25, 2009

People: Value

Telling certain friends that they have great value is incredibly important. The truth is that most people do not think that they have any value, or, at least, that they do not matter that much. Sad!

When I tell someone that I have noticed something special about them, he is encouraged. At first, he may struggle with this and may doubt the validity of my statement. I find that a warm smile and looking directly into his eyes helps to reinforce what I have said. Then, he expresses surprise or makes some statement of denial or self-criticism. I assure him that it is quite true or I would not have taken time to say it.

People have a great need for other people to believe in them. Making statements that emphasis value and importance go a long way to meet these needs.

Dear reader, the fact that you took time to read this tells me something about you. You have great value. God loves you and He notes your value ... after all, He gave His Son for you. That's incredible value.

My, you really are an incredible person!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Praying in Public

It's my custom to pray before I eat a meal. I give thanks to God for the food. I do this in my home and I do this wherever I am.

Bowing my head and saying a prayer, silently or audibly, in a public place such as a restaurant usually generates various reactions. The deer-in-the-headlights stare, for example.

One time, a couple of people looked me with contempt. I looked back nodding my head and smiled. I felt sorry for the heathen people. Do they hate God or what? God still loves them despite their contempt.

On Thanksgiving Day, Lynne and I took my mother to a restaurant. We ordered a take-out meal for my father who remained at home. Naturally, I bowed my head to pray before we ate. I was stunned when a man rushed to our table to thank us for taking time to give thanks to God. He was very happy. What a difference from the other reaction that I mentioned!

I attended a conference recently where I was receiving some special training. I think that it is important to learn, to improve and to better myself. This was not a "Christian" conference, but, I found several Christians who were in attendance. Anyway, I was sharing a table with seven others at a banquet. When the waiter placed my plate of food in front of me I bowed my head and said a silent prayer to God. The person next to me noticed and she put her hand on top of my hand while bowing her head. When I finished, she whispered, "Thanks for doing this!"

So, I continue to pray before my meals whether I am alone or with my wife or in a restaurant. This has been my custom since I was 15 ...


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Work Ethic

I work just half a day.


Yep, just half a day.

It's either the first half of the day or the second half of the day depending upon the need.

12 hours a day ... that's half a day.

Why? Passion for what I am doing!

By the way, God is really into this matter of work. He's all for it! Take a look at God's work week--six days of creation and He rested on the 7th day. Seems to set a pattern, an example.

I have a great heritage in that my grandparents were hard workers. My parents have been hard workers. I am thankful for their example. It has had a profound influence on me.

OK, back to work! I love it!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Airline Travel

Airline travel is a hassle. The airport security process is an aggravation. 9 people are needed to oversee this process at a small airport? Come on! This number does not include the ones snooping through my suitcase. They are one floor below running the x-ray screening process and opening my suitcase to check my vitamins. Yes, vitamins. Oops! My bottle of zinc tablets was left open. Nice! 200+ white zinc tablets in every nook and cranny of my suitcase. Thank you?

Take your laptop out. Take off your belt. Take off your shoes. Take off your coat. "No change in your pockets," snaps the lady.

With a dour expression, "Do you have any liquids?"

I am pondering telling her about my bladder being a bit too full.

No, I didn't say this.

I thought that I might have to empty ... oh, I better stop this. Sorry. Well, sort of.

Then, you pad across the tile floor to go through the x-ray machine. You are treated as though you are the country's greatest potential danger.

He wants to see my airline ticket. Good grief! I just showed this along with my ID to his colleague just a few feet back. Of course, I could have altered the ticket with my portable photocopy machine or maybe I talked with a mysterious person hiding under a table that nine TSA peope had not seen. Or, maybe my "Superman" eyes burned new information onto the ticket. Do they any intelligence at all? [Seriously, I have met some nice people working at some of these security locations ... none are located in New York or New Jersey].

OK, proceed to put all of our stuff back into the computer case and handbags.

Uh-oh, I had some of our magnetic calendars in one of our handbags.

"Is this your bag, sir?" [Total look of distrust and suspicion is on the face of the inquisitor].

"Come here for an inspection," is the command. My laptop is still out, my belt is now hanging around my neck ... I have one shoe on and the other is on the conveyor belt moving away from me.

"Sir, I am waiting."

Well, that generated a direct look into his eyes, "I am not finished. When I am finished I will be with you." My eyes did not flinch. Back to dressing and packing. He waited and he was not happy.

That made me happy.