Thursday, February 13, 2014

My dear wife, Lynne, passed on December 5, 2013. She is with God now ... in Heaven ... no more pain ... no more suffering.

20 years and 2 months she battled MS, Multiple Sclerosis, and suffered horrific pain the last 18 months of her life. I miss her so much, but, I am so happy for her and it gives me peace to know where she is.

As for me I am moving forward ... continuing the mission that Lynne and I started in 2004 to put smiles on the faces of disadvantaged young people. Europe and Central America is the focus right now and I am excited about the progress so far.

It seems to me that the best expression of my love for Lynne is to be happy for her. Before her passing she could not move her arms or hands nor her legs. Nor could she talk ... only whisper. I can imagine her walking and running as well as talking with her dear mother, grandparents, aunts and many friends who were there to greet her when she arrived. When I see this in my mind ... I am very happy for her.

Thank you, Lynne, for 42+ wonderful years of marriage. Thank you, God, for giving Lynne to me. I am grateful.



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