Tuesday, July 05, 2016

High Mileage

On my recent trip to Montenegro I did not use a car while I was there. So, I was on foot everyday making visits to see campers who attended Camp Monty 2008. Although I am not positive about the exact amount, I walked between 24 and 26 miles in the six days that I was there. I loved it!

As a result I talked with many people who were walking. I walked with some elementary school kids and they seemed to enjoy practicing their English. Then, I visited a high school and started several conversations with, "Do you speak English?" That question would always spark a lively exchange. The teenagers there like to speak English. Those who do not know English yet implore their friends to translate what I am saying and what their friends said. It would draw a small crowd of interested teens.

High mileage, but good mileage!



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